United has a rich heritage in the agriculture sector. We have a great experienced team of guys and girls who can carry out nearly any agricultural task from fencing to sheep/cattle work to crop sowing and paddock maintenance.

United is also able to accommodate the full scope of vineyard maintenance solutions including vintage grape harvesting, barrel pruning, post ramming and vineyard spraying by utilising the multi-function capabilities of the Pellenc 890.

The Pellenc Optimum 890 offers a new and unprecedented level of crop yield and cleanliness, totally unmatched by any other harvester available in New South Wales at present.

With a very close relationship with Pellenc, United carries a full inventory of critical spares for the Pellenc Optimum 890 with 24hr technical support.

What sets the Pellenc Optimum apart from its competitors includes:

  • Unique post detection features which results in an average reduction from 4% to 1% in overall post breakages.
  • Mesh belts that takes all juice and loose berries directly up to the sorting tables, never passing a fan, resulting in virtually zero loss of juice and small berries. This function alone increases yield 3-4% over previous 8000 series Pellenc machines.
  • The Selective Process 2 de-stemmer and sorting table is where the latest generation Pellenc leaves its competitors totally behind. The Selective Process 2 uses a patented system to carefully destem all berries and sort all MOG (Matter other than Grape) from the pick before it hits the onboard bins.
  • The Pellenc 890 has a 95° turn angle. This allows it to turn completely back on itself and navigate the tightest of row ends.